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Why Houston Dental?

Why Select Us


We provide a free new patient tooth whitening application for all new patients who have a new patient exam and cleaning. It must be used within six months of the new patient complete exam.


We appreciate your business and trust and don’t maximize the “allowable” range in fees for each procedure. What most patients don’t understand is that the Ontario dental Association fee guide has a range for some procedure codes that many dentists maximize to the full fee to their patients. We do not. Our specific exam and emergency exam fee is a flat $49 for what is an allowble range of $38-$120 for routine exams for one problem.

In addition to that, if your appointment booked is for one specific problem like a broken tooth, and we fix your tooth on that appointment, we will not charge you for the exam and only charge for the filling and x-rays if required.

You will only be charged an exam fee higher than $49 if you you have more than one issue to discuss or time is excessive.


We have dental cameras chairside in each operatory room so that we can show you what we see on your tooth, such as cavities or cracks. In addition to that, you are also able to view our work magnified on the computers afterwards.


When you have purchased a take-home bleaching whitening kit from us which includes both trays and gel, the refill bleaching gels can be bought from us at cost.

We only charge to you our cost for the gel ($25 for a pack of 4 syringes) and there is no markup on the product transferred to you.

Please note: this is only provided for Houston Dental Patients.


We charge some of the lowest fees for teeth whitening in Burlington. When other offices were charging $600-$1,000 fees for Zoom/Shofu whitening our fee was only $400. Today, all dental offices have lowered their in chair Powerbleaching costs. Ours is now only $350 for our regular patients and free for new patients.


We carry both cancer screening tests including the Velscope light analysis as well as the Vizilite liquid rinse and light to detect abnormal tissues.


We refer you to a specialist when it is in your best interest.
This means referring when a case is difficult and/or might subject a patient to harm should an unexpected situation arise.
For example, a root canal on an upper molar has a fourth canal in 90% of upper molars yet rarely do general dentists find these.


We have TV’s in all treatment rooms so that you can watch TV while we work.

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